Knowledge Cafe
  The Knowledge Cafe is a communications tool and information repository by and for School Foodservice Directors. Until the Knowledge Cafe is ready for its online debut, this page will carry pieces of work that are ready to be shared. These excellent resources are downloadable by clicking on the links below.
    #1. A copy of the invitation for bids for fresh fruits and raw vegetables, issued by the Baltimore City Public Schools.
    #2. The Abell Foundation Report on the Impact of a Universal Free Breakfast Program.
    #3. Building Successful Collaborations, by Anthony Geraci. Lessons from the experiences of the New Hampshire Farm to School Program.
    #4. A PowerPoint presentation of the Breakfast Program in Baltimore.
    #5. Teaching student culinary skills - the 1st Course curriculum guide
    #6. The Eligibility Manual for Free and Reduced Priced Meal Recipients from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
    #7. Here you can find all the files associated with the Student Design-a-Meal Program.
      1. Program description for staff
      2. Student evaluation form
      3 Student designed meals - menus
      4. Letters to teachers about assistance.
      5. Student assignment
      6. Recipes
      7. Meal guidelines
      8. Notice to parents
      9. Program flyer
      10. Program timetable